Learn how to handle unexpected aggression from a much stronger attacker, in a variety of reality-simulated scenarios, in order to make a safe escape.


You will learn the following at the Central Canada Submission Academy: 

Learning how to appropriately handle confrontation by looking someone in the eyes to effectively communicate and practice asserting oneself. 

Developing awareness and physical, social and mental confidence. 

Learning to defend yourself in a variety of reality-based scenarios such as:  being verbally bullied, being grabbed, pushed, pulled and dragged, being kicked and punched,  defending yourself from the ground, weapons defense. 

Learning BJJ positions, techniques and submissions for sparring and competition.

 Knowing how to escape from danger in order to make a SAFE ESCAPE!  

Taught by the only female brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt professor, certified self-defense specialist and world ranked black belt competitor, in Manitoba. 


kid confident


This curriculum teaches kids how to stand up for themselves in a polite, assertive manner and helps them gain confidence in dealing with others in today's complex social environment.  It also teaches kids about lessons in awareness and safety when encountering strangers.


safe escape women's


This curriculum teaches women how to increase their awareness, build their confidence and use their voice to assert themselves.  They learn how to defend themselves in a variety of reality-based simulated scenarios, against a larger and stronger attacker, in order to make a safe escape.